On the first Thursday of each month, two neat things happen in Austin. One, the local Aircoolers gang meets. That's for folks with air-cooled engines, primarily cars, and primarily VWs. Everyone meets up at Deep Eddy pool, and then we drive as a big convoy down to South Congress, where the second neat thing is happening. The local merchants stay open late, and tons of people come down to check it out, listen to live music, eat Amy's ice cream, and in general, just be Austin-y. It's the kind of thing that would make Digby cringe.

A beetle for sale.

A nice 'vert.

Mmmmm, convertible Ghia.

There were lots of convertibles here this time.

A slightly classier air-cooled car showed up.

I don't think of it as a Porsche with a VW engine, I think of mine as a VW with a Porsche engine.

I only took one picture at 1st Thursday, and this was it, this lady on stilts. Note the dudes playing music on the sidewalk. Gotta love Austin.