We had season tickets for football again, and I took some photos at the TCU game. Here they are.

Of course the band came out at the beginning. Yea band!

Lorin was showing her school spirit. Yea Lorin!

The flag people did the whole flag rotation thing. (It's a huge file so let it load for a bit and the flag should spin.)

The game went on for a while. Our team wasn't as good as we like it to be, so we were worried about losing.

Flag on the play!

They're adding an upper deck to the north end of the stadium. They didn't get it finished in time for the season, so there is still a big crane there.

The crane operator gets free seats! And these are the real nosebleed seats.

Our jumbotron. When the teams are at the other end of the field, we watch the game on this. It's amazingly huge.

We won, and sang, "The eyes of Texas" at the end of the game. Hooray us!

That's it, thanks for looking.