Back in Amsterdam again in fall of 07... not much to see, but I took a few photos. The sizes are messed up because some are with my Fuji and some with the Nikon. Sorry if it is annoying. (You need a bigger monitor!)

I took a night train up from Munich. This is a private first class room. I booked it because I needed to shower. When I got to Holland in the morning, I had a meeting when I got off the train.

Looking the other way you can see the little table, closet, and door to the bathroom. It's just like being on a boat.

The little toilet. It's smaller than it looks, and it's impossible to take a crap without some part of your body touching some freezing cold plastic.

Breakfast was delicious. I've never had a bad breakfast in Europe.

I had my meetings and then headed to Amsterdam to spend my Friday night and Saturday. Here I'm walking to my hotel.

Shopping area.

Flower shop.

I love these bikes. I totally want one to use here. You can put anything in that front section.

I think these are floating green houses.

I had a coffee. Everyone makes a fuss about the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. They seem the same as anywhere else! Somehow at these places they can just tell that I am an American (maybe it was the Terrell Owens jersey I was wearing?) and when I went into a place they would hand me an english menu. I need to learn how to say, "What the hell is this?! I want a French menu you idiot!" just for fun.

Whoopsie daisy!

Hey, let's take the dog for a ride!

Or the boyfriend. Maybe he wants to go for a ride too!

Looking down one of the canals. Man, I like this city a lot.

Out for a little ride in the canal, and a nap too!

This thing was like a giant music box on wheels. Those little figures would spin around, and it was cranking out music. Pretty neat. God help you if i ever get a video camera, or you'll have to watch stuff like this in action.

Leidsplein. A good place to have a coffee and people watch. "Plein" means "square." It the same as a "Piazza" in Italy. (More like "Plaza," but whatever. Plazas in America are god-awful.)

Trams and people living in harmony. This always amazes me.

This one has a cool leather cover. Check out the cool stand they have too, it's like a motorcycle.

I treated myself to some new sneakers. Man, the exchange rate is killer, and these were really expensive.

Stylin'. Alas, even with my local footwear, I was still handed english menus everywhere i went...

View out my window. This is the new subway line they're building. It'll be UNDERWATER. The engineers in the Netherlands are awesome.

The palace. There was a lot going on this day.

They had the square filled with flowers, kind of like they do in Brussels.

Pretty neat. The grass was brought in too - this is normally all stone.

Ok, I've seen a lot of weird things in Amsterdam, and this is the weirdest, hands down.

A Mac store.

Another weird thing - this helicopter was dropping something. See the little clouds behind it?

It turned out to be flower petals. Neat!

That's it, thanks for looking.