I went to Germany for business in the Fall of 07 and took a few photos. Follow along with me as you see that I failed to take photos of the craziest party I have ever been to...

I started out in Paris, where I took the TGV to Stuttgart. SInce I was a little boy I have wanted to ride on this train. Did I take a single photo? Nope. Idiot.

Here is the interior of the Stuttgart station. That's a great ad up there...

Train stations are cool.

Looking out at the platforms.

Zooming along the Bavarian countryside.

Which is gorgeous...

Get a load of this, it's freakin' Germany!

Guys dressed in traditional Bavarian outifts? WTF? Later I found out why. Also, in this photo you cannot tell that they are each holding beers.

This was the bed in my hotel. I was in a small town so I got a traditional hotel for a low price. Like 1/4 the cost of my room in Paris!

They make sure that you have all the essential tools handy.

My hosts picked me up for dinner and a little sightseeing. We went up on the mountain next to the town and saw this really neat old church. I think it was from 1400?

The inside was amazingly beautiful.

We went down into the town for dinner. (Which was really, really good.)

The view of the town from the top. It was cloudy so you couldn't see very far.

The next day I had my meeting, and it finished early. I had a night train to Amsterdam, and Christoph offered to drive me to Munich instead of taking the train. He said, "Since we are so early, we will have time to stop at Oktoberfest!" Oktoberfest is going on? "Oh yes, it's the last week. It should be fun."

Twist my arm dude.

So we hopped on the autobahn and zipped down to Munich. Along the way we passed through the largest hops growing region in the world. (Get it, hopped on the autobahn?) The hops had all been harvested by now, but about a month earlier you'd have seen tall plants attached to those wires.

My camera battery died and I didn't get ANY photos at Oktoberfest, which is a shame because it was unbelievably huge and fun. I did take a bunch of lousy photos with my phone camera, and you can see some if you click here, and scroll way down the page.