2007 was coming to a close, and it was time for a Nuventix tradition to continue - a visit to the Texas Chili Parlor for lunch, then off to see Tubafest, then to the Capitol gift shop so Steve could buy an ornament.

In order to sneak out for a long lunch like that, you need to distract the boss. We showed him the microscope in the lab, and how he could see his fingers under high magnification. He was mesmerised and we took off for downtown. We figured we only had a few hours before he got bored looking at his fingernails.

Honest Steve perused the menu.

Sam, Markus and Rick yukked it up about something.

Mick drank. The sole purpose of taking these photos is to create the myth of Mick as alcoholic. Did you see the photo from last year?!

The chili arrived and we were all happy. (Notice that we didn't really leave Jim at the office...)

Raghav emerging from yet another meat-fest kind of meal having found a tasty veggie item on the menu.

Steve emerging. His belly full, it was time for some low frequency Christmas carols.

Not for us...

Steve, ever the contrarian, walked everywhere backwards that day.

Headed toward the Capitol.

Warming up.

Can you see me in this photo?

Shoulder-fired model. Cool!

Farrell thinking, "We probably have one of these up in Dallas."

Dudes got some pipes!

In we go to get the ornament. Mick looking up...

At the inside of the cupola.

To the gift shop!

This is a great flag, and a great sentiment. You want it?

I got everyone to pose by the fake statue of liberty. I was also able to get them all to moon me, but I won't post that photo.

That's it, thanks for looking.