Here are a couple of shots of Christmas

Lorin and the cats Christmas morning.

Kirby and Lorin trying to decide what to open next.

Homey got stuck behind the tree. Kirby is mesmerised by some piece of ribbon.

My Dad got me a helicopter. He says it was to make up for the one he got me when I was little, but I never got to play with.

Lorin got me an iPhone. It's an amazing device - get one.

The iPhone needed to charge, so I played with the helicopter. It's pretty neat.

It certainly held Kirby's interest. He didn't know what the heck it was, but I assume he thought it was a bird or a giant bug. (Both delicious.)

Here he is waiting for it to come close enough to swat.

The helicopter turned out to be a good cat toy.

This photo makes me laugh my head off.

Another good one.

Lorin seems to like it as much as Kirby did!

It's really fun to fly.

The inevitable aftermath. Homey looking out the window, Kirby looking inside the box for more presents.