This is Lorin's last year of grad school, so it was our last year to see every home game from the same seats. These photos are from the beat down UT gave South Florida this year.

This game was exciting because Vince Young was back to have his jersey retired.

This is definitely one of those regional things, but Vince Young is a hero with those of us from The University. (By the way, look at how awesome our jumbotron looks.) If Jesus and Vince Young came back on the same day to UT, Jesus would have to wait till we were up 30 points in the 3rd quarter. Then everyone would be, "Ok Jesus, what exactly do you want, and would you mind running down to get me a hot dog and coke, because I don't want to miss the next touchdown."

This is because after racking up crazy stats all year, and making opposing defenses look like they were running in water up to their waists, he made a last second, VY-like stroll into the end zone to beat USC for the championship in 2005. I remember watching that game and thinking, "Vince Young is not going to lose - he is going to just walk into the end zone." Which he did, and we all went crazy. Now, for all of you that are reading this and you knew me in high school or undergrad, you're probably surprised to see me gushing like this. When I came to UT I started going to the football and basketball games, and I just love it. I now have school spirit.

It was fun to see this. Sorry Jesus.

This is the new north end of our stadium. They added all that stuff from the people in the yellow shirts up. Sorry sociology department, you don't get new desks.

Lorin was there.

So was Matthew McConaughey. His box is right above our seats.

Here comes the band.

Here comes the giant texas flag. (In a later game we got a new one, and yes, it is bigger than this one.)

They do this thing where they flip it over, and it usually ends up being funny because some person gets knocked down and dragged.

Nice job flag folks.

Look at this. There are probably TENS OF THOUSANDS of people around the country that would love to be at a home game, in the stands, cheering and having a blast. This girl brings a CHAIR and a BOOK to the game! And to top it off, she has the gall to wear a "Texas girl" shirt. Ummmm, no. A real Texas girl would be paying attention to the game and screaming her lungs out.

Later she pulled this thing out. The shutter speed is too slow, but what it is is a handheld, battery operated fan. Come on! "Honey, we're going to the football game!" "Ok, just give me a minute, I need to put fresh batteries in my handheld fan and find my latest book about dragons and wizards."

Think I'm making that last part up to be funny?

I was able to zoom in on her book. (cameras are amazing these days...) Click the image above to see a huge version. There are words on the pages like, "Ring of Obedience." (I got one of those at my wedding.) Now don't get me wrong, I read a lot of really crappy books that I am ashamed of, but I don't read them at FOOTBALL GAMES.

Did we score? Who knows, this dude blocks the view! (I wish HE had brought a book!)

Turns out, no. At least not yet... (click for a bigger version.)

Here's a shot from later in the game when we were scoring again. See Bevo over there in the corner? Click the picture to see him a little better.

We won 52-10.

The players came over to the band and we all sang The Eyes of Texas, then we headed home.

That's it, thanks for looking.