This past winter we went skiing up in Whistler. Friends of ours have a place there and have invited us the last few years. We've always been too busy, but this year we made time, and it was a blast. We didn't take a lot of photos, but here's what we've got...

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Lorin at the airport. She isn't so sure that taking a vacation to a place that has winter makes any sense...

We arrived very late at night, like 1am. We drove up a fun road along the ocean and it was snowing like crazy. And when we woke up in the morning, this is what we saw out the winter. Fresh snow! Wuhoo!

Thomas and Sang. Apparently mother and child are so in sync that they even blink at the same time. And I love those rubber gloves he is wearing!

Looking out the front window towards the mountain.

We skiied Sunday and found out how old and out of shape I am. Then we went to a show Sunday night where they had fireworks and folks jumping through a flaming hoop and doing flips. One dude skiied down backwards, then did a back flip through the flaming hoop, then landed backwards. Unbelievable.

Lorin with Blackcomb in the background. We skiied there our last day. (they have not one but two HUGE mountains at this place.)

The base of Whistler.

The village. They have lots of little shops, restaurants, and art galleries in here. It's really nice.

On the lift on the way up.

The lift goes all the way off into the distance. Click here for a much larger version so you can see the detail...

On the peak. It was pretty cold and windy up there.

Lorin looking like she is on the planet Hoth.

Sang smiling seconds before she said, "Ok, put the damn camera away and let's go SKIING!"

This is a run called "The Saddle." It starts on the peak and drops down to where I am. This was the ONE time all week that I was in front of everyone else, and I took a photo of Sang and Lorin skiing down. Click here for the full photo, and below is a zoomed in section so you can see them.

That's Lorin skiing on the left, and Sang on the right. The dude in red is riding a snowboard. Note how tiny they are - this mountain is really, really big, and we are on the top fifth of it at this point. It's really hard to grok without being there.

We went around to the back side of the moutain and skiied down Harmony Ridge. It was really pretty back there. Again, these little photos don't do it justice, so click here for a bigger version. Here is the view off to the left behind Lorin.

This is getting down near the bottom. You can see the village. Click here for a larger version...

In the evenings we'd cook dinner, or go out, and then hang out at home and watch a movie, check email, etc. Somehow I got no photos of Peter or Austin on this trip, which is a bummer. If we get invited back, I'll get some next time. Austin (5) is in ski school and can already parallel ski, which is cool. Thomas (3) was able to ski holding onto a pole that Peter held in front of him, which amazes me. This means that in one or two years, they will both be kicking my butt...

One night Lorin decided she wanted to make a snowman. it didn't work out that well, but she did her best. I think she just ended up making a huge snowball and throwing it into the street.

That's it, thanks for looking.