After the weekend it was back to the grind of meetings and travel and no sleep. I didn't take too many pictures after that, but here's a handful from the rest of the trip which had us in France, Germany, and Holland.

We left town on Sunday morning along with plenty of other people and some motorcycle cops. We drive to Lyon.

We got hungry so we stopped at a roadside cafe/rest stop. We had no idea exactly what we were ordering. I knew the words for everything, but we had no clue that we would get such huge portions.

On the train from Lyon to Paris.

When we got to Paris we went to one of my favorites parks - Jardin de Luxembourg. On a Sunday afternoon it is teeming with Parisians and you get to see them just hanging out and doing their thing. Here they are playing bocce. The skills these people had were amazing.

We had a small but delicious dinner that evening.

The next day we went to Gare de Lyon and zoomed off to a meeting. Days passed, we took no photos, then we ended up in Germany. I think we drove, but I'm not sure.

We arrived at our hotel in Germany and the rooms had the funniest phone directory EVER. Look at it - "Zimmer" means "room." Want to call room 113? you need to dial.... wait for it... 113! But wait, not sure how to call room 114? You can look that up too! Hilarious.

This is the church in Regensburg. It was hard to get a shot of it without this guy's enormous head in the way.

Whenever you're in a small (or big) European town and you want to find a nice place to sit outside and have a beer, head for the church.

Steve had a banana split.

The two things that I saw constantly on this trip - glasses of beer and Mick checking his blackberry.

The next morning leaving town heading for Holland we saw this guy. Is that Boris Becker, or what?!

Ok, now we're in Amsterdam, and it's Sunday afternoon. I decided to go out to the areas where people lived and just wander around and see what was going on. I sat for a long time on this residential street. This guy came out and was polishing or cleaning some metal part. I couldn't see what it was, but he was very diligent.

These girls came out and had a little lunch outside their place.

This group of young people were having a cook-out.

And of course there were bicycles everywhere.

Later I came across this guy feeding these Herons. He was feeding them chicken! They loved it.

Look at that bird munching on it.

Ok, that's all I've got. After this trip we just flew home. Thanks for looking!