A few shots of the backyard and garden...


The jasmine is in full bloom and makes the entire backyard smell wonderful.

The honey suckle seems to be winding down, but still smells good.

Our strawberries are happy. (and tasty)

Some eggs that were laid on the bottom of the seed pods of the arugula.

when you break the pods open you see the little seeds. These are really tasty.

our two rows of veggies in the garden.

We have cucumbers and cantaloupe planted.

This is a habenero pepper plant. we had a big thunderstorm last night so all the plants had dirt kicked up on them.


Our first tomato (we have about six plants so we expect to get a lot of tomatoes.


Some tomato plants and a happy little thai basil plant in there.

We planted marigolds and onion and garlic chives along the border of the garden to act as natural pest repellents.

Here is our little sunflower patch.


This is the fig tree. It's really happy this year.


It is guarded by a squadron of stink bugs. These are little ones, i'm guessing they are juveniles. They are beneficial in that they munch on all the other bugs that might try to hang out on the fig tree. if you mess with these bugs they emit a nasty smelling spray.

three little fig buds. there are probably 200 hundred on the whole tree, it's awesome.


our random roses.


out front we have a pepper plant. i *think* these are thai peppers, but i don't recall. they might be poblano. i'll know when they get bigger and ripen.

that's it, thanks for looking!