Greg and I went out to leakey again in May. It was, as usual, a great trip. I took very few photos, but what I've got is here for you.

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We stayed in the cabins along a spring-fed creek that empties into the Frio River.

Here are the bikes parked out front.

I picked up a nail in my rear tire so we needed to...

Fix it. This is hands down, the best dang tire plugging kit.

The offending nail. Jeebus, it's big.

Here's the plug installed before I used the razor to cut it flush with the tire. You can see the hose from the little pump there too.

Here's the little pump that ran off the 12V adapter on Greg's bike. It was loud, but it did the job well.

With the tire fixed, we went out riding and saw some sheep. (Note: With a plug in the tire, I had to be careful and ride at slower speeds than normal. If you ever plug your tires, be sure to do the same. Having a catastrophic blowout is not a good thing.)

We also saw some camels! I guess if you grew up in the desert, then this is like heaven.

Chilling in the shade.

Greg patiently waiting while the curvy roads beckon.

We got a bag of charcoal to grill steaks for dinner. "Just light the bag!" I wonder how many other products could be made more fun with these kinds of instructions?

Greg expertly preparing dinner.

And just look at how civilized we both are! We even made little salads for ourselves.

Thanks for looking! (and thanks to Greg for going. I still owe him for the cabin rental...)