I had about a day in Milan before I caught my flight. I saw very little but didn't let that from stopping me from taking lots of pictures of it.

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I think this is the Milan train station.

This is out on the other side where the waiting area is.

I decided to head down to see the church, and along the way got wrapped up in a tour of asian people near the status of Da Vinci.

So right behind all of them is a statue of one of mankind's most amazing minds, and what do they all take a picture of?

This building. Look at the lady doing the Vanna White presentation thing...

Here's an entrance to the Galleria. You know how every town in America has a shopping mall named "The Galleria?" I think they're all named after this one. This was one of the first covered "arcades" like this and was quickly copied. It seems to me that we're looking at an ancestor of the modern day shopping mall. My, how it has devolved.

It's pretty neat inside. I decided to look and see if they had a Cinnabon like any self-respecting shopping center would.

In the center of the Galleria is a big open area, and the flagship stores are there. Really fancy places. Expensive stuff that most people buy in alleys off Canal St. in Manhattan.

I guess people go into these stores to get an idea of what their next knock-off handbag will look like.

Oooh, even a Prada. Every intersection has four corners... I wonder what the fourth flagship store will be?

[smacks forehead]

The big glass dome in the center is neat.

These kids were making out like maniacs. For a long time. You know how when you see someone kissing, you kind of look away. Then you steal a glance back at them to see if they are still doing it? And then if they are still going at it, you think, "Well jeez, if you're going to carry on like that, I'm not going to feel bad about looking in your direction." Well, these people were making out long enough for me to decide to take their photo and then...

Stop, zoom in, and take a second picture.

I came out of the Galleria and saw this! Wow, that's a heck of a church!

Here's looking back toward the entrance to the Galleria. It's nice, but not quite as nice as...

The entrance to the oakdale mall where I used to shop growing up.

Of course the church has marvelous doors.

They were refurbishing it, or finishing up, when I was there. Next, we go inside, then we sneak up on the roof!

I'm just going to post a couple of the photos, there isn't much to say except, "Wow."

I found a door ajar near the back of the church...

There were some very narrow steps. I wondered where they went. Little did I know...

They led to the roof of the church!

Here I am even with the upper section of the Galleria entrance!

Look at all the steeples.

Look at all the people.

Steeples and peoples.

A rainspout.

Up here with the Saints, looking down.

This is either a rainspout, or something to help the priests keep their hands off the altar boys.

Just kidding, by the way. I paid five euros and walked up the stairs like everyone else. :-D

We were crawling around on that church like ants. Ok. Now I was hungry...

For every fancy dinner I have while traveling, I eat about six meals from street vendors. The nice thing about Italy is that street vendor food is really good!

Fresh mozzarella and old prosciutto on fresh bread. Delish! Now let's go find some motorcycles!


Blue version of my bike. (Who takes the same pictures of different bikes in different cities over and over? Any guesses?)

Old steed....new steed.

It was getting dark so I went back to the Duomo to get some night shots.

The next morning I cut through the train station, and caught the Malpensa Express bus to the airport and came home.

That's it, thanks for looking.