In November of 2008 we took a canoe trip on the Brazos river with Greg, Brenda, Mike, and Woodrow. I didn't take too many pictures, but I have a few for you here.

Fall in Texas is fantastic. We were up near Mineral Wells, which is west of Fort Worth.

We paddled the day away, then made camp. In the foreground you can see Greg urging me to do something besides take pictures. In the background Mike and Woodrow discuss something important. (On this trip we mostly discussed Hawaii, music, skydiving, and our collective fear that Obama might somehow lose the election.

We had the boats pulled up out of the water.

Mike got set up in his camp chair. Mike is a skydiver and he lives on Oahu. He has jumped something like 10,000 times.

Lorin got set up in her camp chair too.

Greg and Brenda made dinner. We think we had chili, but I really don't remember. It was good, whatever it was, we ate all of it.

Here is Lorin enjoying hers next to the little fire that Woodrow built for us.

For dessert we toasted marshmallows. Note that Brenda had a shorter stick, so she wore gloves to keep from burning her hand. Lorin, not wanting to move her chair or burn her hand got a six-foot long LIMB and used that. (Notice that she is also within arms reach of the marshmallows.) Lorin is sort of a marshmallow roasting afficionado - when she was little, she would go into the bathroom and roast them on the gas heater that was built into the wall.

Later that evening after we told scary stories, we heard all kinds of monsters in the bushes.

After we drank all the moonshine (I am not making that up, we actually had moonshine on this trip.) Woodrow fell asleep. I love how all camping photos are the same - everyone sits around a fire with headlamps on.

We woke up the next morning and had to break camp and load everyhting into the boats.

Here Woodrow and Mike go look at a big rock that is sitting in the middle of the river.

And emerge from the other side.

That's it, thanks for looking.