My Uncle Dave and and Aunt Dot (two of my five loyal readers!) saw an earlier report here on leetonium where I encountered the Fifth Third Bank and was confused about the name. It turns out that they go to watch Toledo Mudhends games at.... wait for it.... Fifth Third Field. (Stadium motto: "Most confusing scoreboard ever!") So at one of the gmaes they were giving away thundersticks, and they got me a set and mailed them down to me. What follows is an assembly and usage demonstration. This report is new because it will have linked youtube video.

Here they are in the package.

Here they are laid out with a cat in the shot for some scale.

Simple instructions. Of course they leave out a very important step...

You have to inflate them.

Then bang them together. Next is a video so you can see and here the thunder they create!

 I thought it would be fun to see if Lorin would try them

You can see that she was a little skeptical.

But she tried it. See the video below.


And later found out she really likes the thundersticks!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Dave and Dot for thinking of us and sending us the thundersticks!