Lorin and I went down to Central Market to get some dinner and see a band that my Uncle-in-law, Paul, recommended. It was Elana James and the Continental Two

If you've visited us here, we've probably taken you to this grocery store. We dig it. It's kind of like a whole foods, but with less crunch.

This is the lady that failed to yield the right of way to us as pedestrians. In my younger days I might have slapped her window or something, but now that I'm old and mellow, I will mock her on my website. Idiot. (Note: about a month ago I fake tumbled across the back of some chick's Honda at the Arboretum after she looked right at me and then rolled through a stop sign AND the cross walk I was in. That was fun.

This is the patio where people eat and listen to music.

There's the band.

Here's one of the cats that lives at Central Market. Probably full of chicken, and exhausted.

This guy was interesting looking. He looks like a nerd. You look at him, and you think, "Nerd."

I ordered a cheese burger with Bleu Cheese Eruption.

Lorin, in yet another effort to live forever, got a veggie burger with avacado.

The band played on, Elana fiddled.

This guy sat down with us. He was cool. He had a Triumph shirt on, and came on an old-school bike.

Here it is.

Unfortunately he was doing something dumb - drinking a big bottle of cider or something, all by himself. I hope he made it home OK. Later we were joined by none other than...

Ernest freakin' Hemingway! Too Cool! He was drinking the orangest orange drink I've ever seen in my life.

That's it, thanks for looking.