This weekend Lorin's family was in town for the football game versus Rice University. We had all sorts of folks here.

We started off at Artz Rib House for lunch. Left to right - Kim, Grandpa, and Sandy. (Lorin's aunt, grangpa, and mom)

L to R: Grandma, John, Kim, Grandpa, Sandy.

John and Kim look focused on their ribs. Sandy looks like she is contemplating whether to stab a wing or a leg. Grandpa is saying, "You expect me to eat ALL of this food?!"

It was good stuff. I should have photographed the plates, but I forgot.

Time passes. We head to the stadium...

Here's a dude all suited up for the game.

On the left is Lorin's cousin Jared. He is a member of the Texas Cowboys. They fire the cannon during kickoffs and when UT scores.

Alumni, errr, I mean Texas Exes hang out before kickoff.

Everyone gets into it.

A sea of Burnt Orange headed into the stadium.

View of the tower after entering the stadium.

Our seats were good. Even though we were in the end zone, we were low enough to see a lot. You couldn't hear the pads when the players hit, but almost.

Here they are rolling out Big Bertha, the largest bass drum in the world. The band follows...

Our band is also huge. They can fill the football field with players.

There is smokey the cannon. Those people are holding a giant Texas state flag.

I had to reach wayyyyyy back to get this shot.

Here's Garrett, Sandy's boyfriend. He had the best quote of the day. After they fired Smokey, he said, "Any college that has artillery has got to be a good place!"

Fight, Texas, Fight!

Go, Horns, Go!

Hooray! Here come the football players.

Cat Osterman, our amazing softball team pitcher received a bunch of Player of the Year awards.

Here is our offense on the ONE INCH LINE. Rice got an amazing bounce from a punt. About six plays later, we scored a touchdown.

This guy turned out to be the entertainment. He kept screaming instructions to the players. He would roll up his program, and use it as a megaphone. I swear I am not making this up - he shouted, "You're not hurt unless the bone is showing!" He yelled and yelled, and said things like, "Come on! The right side of the line's not pushing hard enough! PUSH!" Then he'd shake his head like he was all disgusted. It was wild.

He was doing this when we were leading 42-0 in the second quarter. Was he afraid that without his helpful coaching, we would somehow lose this game?

This lady asked him if maybe he could settle down. He yelled at her and told her that he bought his ticket, and he'd make all the noise he wanted. All of us sitting around him were joking and making faces and smart remarks. When the band played at halftime, we were joking that he should be yelling at them too. "I want to see SPIT flying out of those trumpets!!!"

Here he is. I got up and walked down the aisle a bit just so I could take this photo.

Here is his program - rolled and ready to go should the team make even the smallest mistake. "Come on! Hit those guys! Knock 'em on their butts!"

We scored again. BOOM!

Not a very close game...


Here comes the band.

Now here comes the Alumni band.

Pretty cool. See the guy in the white shirt, standing in the T? This is an old baton twirling guy. When I first saw him, it was 1994. It was the first time I'd been to a game with the Alumni Band, and he was there then too. I've since seen him about five times. His big thing is that he whips the baton really high into the air, then catches it. Impossibly high. The photos are blurry, but you can kind of make it out.

It's that thin glint of a line in the sky above the goalpost.

You can kind of tell that he is catching one here. I need a better camera.

"Grown up" side of the stadium. The students sit on the other side.

Here Lorin is crushing the ref! Crush crush crush!

It's over.

So we head to the crown for a beer.