I took a weekend trip to Boston to visit with a friend and hang out for a few days. Along the way I ended up spending the night at the DFW airport due to weather. I tried to make the best of it by staying up all night and taking pictures in the nearly deserted airport. It was fun after all, but I was tired the next day.

A quick shot from the car on the way out of town. Sorry for the muck on the windshield.

Boston has some pretty serious tunnels when driving from the airport to the suburbs. I guess I was down in the "big dig" tunnel when I took this. I was moving a little too fast...

Fenway park. You'll have to trust me. It's hard taking photos, speeding along the Mass Pike, and paying all the tolls they want you to pay.

View from my hotel room. The area is nice, lots of gently rolling hills, and the trees are huge. The weather was just about perfect when I was there, low 80's during the day, 60's at night. Like winter back here in Austin.

The airport has these nice rocking chairs to sit in. I guess you are supposed to pretend that you're on Nantucket, not in a giant air terminal listening to the same announcements over and over. "Logan International Airport is a non-smoking facility." Amazing. American airports are unbelievably full of obnoxious and useless announcements. It boggles my mind why it needs to be repeated every ten minutes that you can't smoke. It seems it would be easier to just put up signs, and then if someone screws up and lights up, we can all remind them not to smoke. Sorry, it's just a pet peeve of mine after being in the Oslo airport where it was so peaceful and quiet, and seemed to be built of natural materials.

Ok, enough Boston picks. Here is the beginning of my long night at DFW.

Moving sidewalks are neat. I rode them for quite some time, all by myself. The airport had maybe 100 people in it, and most were sleeping. The result was that I could ride them, and run the opposite direction like a little kid, take goofy pictures, etc. It was fun. There is a saying, "Dance like no one is watching" and I adapted it to, "Behave like a nut when only the security cameras are watching." I figure I kept myself amused, as well as the guards. Plus, it's fun to be childish when you're dressed up like some sort of business traveler.

I'd heard rumors that DFW was haunted. It seemed strange to me, given that it is such a soulless space, and so large. I think it would take less time to cross the expanse of the eternal and infinite universe than to walk from gate C35 to gate A19 at DFW. Anyone who makes their flight connection between these two gates in under 30 minutes automatically qualifies for the Dallas Marathon.

I just like how this one looks.

I reached a state of relaxation that I have never achieved before. Perhaps it was the superior Feng Shui of the airport design. Maybe not. Anyway, I had an out of body experience, and was able to photograph it. Soon my astral self will emerge from my physical self...

There it is.

Here my astral self seems to be saying, "We need some sleep dude!"

Then I/it decides to think for a minute...

And opts to try to scare me to sleep. I snapped out of it though.

A bar behind bars.

Sleeping airplane and baggage equipment.

A row of urinals taking a well deserved rest. Warning: do not attempt these shots during the day.

Sleeping gates.

My luggage making it's way down the sidewalk.

Layovers *are* so bad after all.