These are just random shots of the cats. Mostly sleeping. It will get updated every so often, so it's up to you to check back.

Kirby, chillin'.

This is Homey. He is somewhat of a dirtbag. He likes to roll in nasty/dirty things, then come inside and brush it all off of himself. He is essentially a reverse vacuum cleaner that runs on tuna. Here he is after rolling in sawdust.

If you have a cat you've seen this. "You're boring."

In the place I used to live this was a common sight.

When he was younger, he didn't mind feeding himself.

Free delivery in most areas! He ate most of what he caught. For awhile, he was depositing just the *heart* of the animals he was killing. It was bizarre, but I assumed he was sharing, or saying I love you, or something. Like any smart cat "owner" I simply continued to do his bidding in the hopes that I would be allowed to live.

Again, a shot of him when he was younger, and would jump off the roof, into the Boysenberry tree, then walk along the top of the fence.

He ate, then this is as far as he got from the food bowl.

We often play hide and seek. Here he tries to count to ten, while I go hide. These games often ended with me crouching in the tub for three hours, after he got stuck on six, and then just fell asleep.

Another post-meal collapse.

Here Dan and Homey shake. Homey says, "Let me sleep, you long-haird galoot!"

A rare moment of harmony.