In an effort to document everything we do, here are some pictures of our new chandelier.

Lorin hated the old one with a passion. So now we've got the new one, and she loves it. It's a little crooked-looking, and I attribute that to it being "hand forged" from some place in Vermont. I'm sure if it were made in China it'd be perfect. I am ashamed to think about what it cost retail, but I attribute that to me being a guy who ate off an ironing board for 6 years, never thinking to buy a table. Then when I finally bought a table, it was to put the computer on, and I continued to eat off the ironing board.

Our old chandelier was the ironing boards of chandeliers. It is out in the garage now, dejectedly sitting in the corner. I'll snap a photo of it and add it later. I've still got the ironing board. It is standing straight and proud against the wall in the utility room, ready at a moment's notice should our dining table suffer a debilatating incident.

As Greg often says, "Happy wife, happy life." (We're not married yet...)