These are just miscellaneous photos that I've found on the hard drive. No theme, no plan.

We decided to be natural gardeners, and instead of spreading eeeevil chemicals on our lawn, we'd spread compost. So we bought a yard of it from the garden store. Liars! It only did half the yard! They muttered something about it being a cubic yard, and i called bullshit. No, they informed me, this is mostly cowshit. Crap. Correct. (Imagine if Abbott and Costello could swear!)

Here Lorin says, "Put down that camera, and pick up a shovel, beeyatch." I complied. That's it for the compost photos...

I got Lorin a few roses for her birthday. It might have been our anniversary. I can't recall now.

Look at Kirby licking that *gigantic* belly of his!


Windfarm in California. Note the cows down there for scale...

This is old stuff, from grad school times. Old pictures, weird sizes, good times.

Dan and I (and Lorin and I returned to this campsite) camping in Utah.

We were deep in a canyon, with our own balanced rock. There's Dan.

I took this photo in Oregon. I was shooting black and white film, and this is the best picture I got.

These are some old x-mas photos. I "cut" my own tree each year, and Lorin made a bunch of ornaments for it. The angel on top is my favorite. She gives me the willies.


Here she demonstrates her skill with pipe-cleaners, foam balls, and googly eyes.

No, not skill, *prowess.*

Actual sticks for arms! Where did she find a carrot that size for the nose?! Magnificent!

Here's the tree. I think this is the first one I ever did. Hey man, I was in grad school, I was broke!

Back when I was cool, and putting the local BMW mechanic's kids through college...

Some tourists in Florence, Italy.