John and I took a ride down to Cycleranch in Floresville. It was a nice, easy 250 mile round trip ride. Pictures below.

Here John studies the map and plans a nice route on back roads. Floresville is southeast of San Antonio.

On the way. There's John. Let's see if I can catch him!

Caught him.

We had breakfast in Lockhart. There is the courthouse in the background. That's a weird looking car in the foreground...

Ha! I love this.



It's not what you you ride, it's that you ride.


We got to Cycleranch. John brought spare socks and shoes!

I didn't.

There were lots of little bikes there. Today they had a bunch of open racing, so kids and grownups were racing. It was fun to watch all the different skill levels.

I had the biggest bike there. Seriously.

That's the starting gate down there by the flags. You're looking at turn 1.

They're in the gate.

Here they come.



I love the message on the sign. I wish there were more signs like this around America, urging people to take responsibility for themselves.

John snapping some shots.


One of the neat things was seeing all the little kids who ride. They're little kids! Look at the girl here, she's got PINK riding gear. I think that is so cool. Check out how many motorcycles she has! More than John I think!

These families apparently travel around so their kids can race. Damn, I thought soccer practice would be a hassle, but lugging a kid, a couple of bikes, and a work trailer around would be a huge pain. The kids seem to have a blast though.

It's also neat that they wear all the body armor.

We left, and had some bbq for lunch.

That's it. Thanks.