While Lorin and I went to Hawaii, our friend Dan came down from Colorado to house sit for us. If you need a house sitter, he is your man. The best part is that he can serenade your cats, and keep them tranquil. We also made sushi again, and this time got a big chunk of tuna to make actual sushi.

Here Dan sings to Homey.

Christine and Dan (no relation) are plotting their strategy.

This was the first wave.

This time I bought "Men's" Pocky. What makes it so? Well I'm glad you asked...

It's for the person who enjoys the finer points in life. That describes as many women as men that I know, so I'm guessing this is like Playboy Pocky. Some "sophisticated" men read Playboy, not for the naked women, but for the timely articles on cars, electronics, and politics. These same men are obviously being targeted by this type of Pocky...


Proof that the night was a success.