Dan and I occasionally head down to the drag and play musical instruments and give out free advice to people as they pass by. We offer advice on any topic to anyone. We get some interesting questions from people. Tonight we helped a guy that has carpal tunnel, a girl to choose which musical instrument to take up, and another guy decide whether or not to do voluntary community service. Without too much more commentary, here are some pics. This time we played in a doorway, which was cool. We usually play off the main part of the street. The folks who own the building and the cops were both cool to us. They said we could hang there this time, but shouldn't in the future. They seemed to cut us some slack as we're fairly clean cut guys and the instruments we use are Dan's, and look nice and are of high quality.

Dan setting up.

Another shot. We set up near the Renaissance Market, which is a little shopping area where in order to sell something, you must make it yourself.

This was our first attempt at such a high profile location. Sign placement and seating was a challenge we were not prepared for.

Our sign. We stuck it to the side of the window frame with some double sided tape. We are different from normal street performers in that we do not accept money. We have been offered money before, but turned it down. Since we needed a good way to display the sign (our normal spot has a groove between the sidewalk panels that we can insert the sign into, and it stands up out of the ground) I ran to the co-op and bought the tape. Real street performers would have to use their change to buy food or booze or pay rent. Also, we didn't like sitting on the ground, so I ran around the corner to the Whole Earth Provision Co. and bought some nice little camping stools for us to sit on. Street performers would've toughed it out. Then, finally all set up, we went to work.

The guy in the background is the dude that was running the hot dog stand across the sidewalk from us. He gave us some free samosas. It's a food from India, simple a pastry stuffed with peas, potatoes and curry, then deep fried. They're triangular shaped. I forgot to take a picture, sorry. Here's one from the interweb:

The cops don't hassle you when you're a yuppie-scumbag poseur like this. Hey, if this is how I need to look to keep from being tasered, then I'm ok with that.

Christine made us these cool shirts.

Here we are. The graffiti makes us look like urban bad asses, fo' shizzle.

This picture is cool because it was not supposed to come out. A guy came by and wanted to photograph us. He had no film (film?!) and wanted us to wait. So we waited. He eventually came back, but the light was gone. I offered to let him use the flash from my digital camera as a handheld flash. He held his shutter open for a second and then flashed a picture. I'm confident that *his* photo didn't come out, because we were moving, but this one did. Pretty neat. Dan watched him and he was taking weird pics. Later, he went and bought a disposable camera from the drugstore, and then came back and was taking pictures and moving the camera really quickly. Dan thinks he was trying to make them blurry. Who knows. He came off as fairly intelligent, but at the same time, seemed unfamiliar with the concepts of time passing and needing to have your act together prior to doing something. Of course, who the hell am I to talk, I got married with my fly down. (Seriously.)

That's it, thanks for looking.