The Freescale marathon (formerly Motorola marathon) occured here in Feb. I missed the part where the folks run through our neighborhood. They go right in front of Eric's house, and he saw them in the morning. He wanted to take his daughter Lucy for a ride and go see the finish line. I joined him.

First, a photo of our pecan tree at night.

And one of Kirby sleeping. I don't know how he balances like that.

Woodpecker in one of our trees.

The stained glass window that Lorin made - finally installed.

Finally Eric showed up, so I took a picture of him. He tows Lucy. She's got it made.

It's like a limo!

Here is one of the turn-around points.

Since we're the live music capital of the world, we had bands set up all along the course.

This is the finish, down by auditorium shores.

Here is the actual finish line.

Lots of people show up to watch and cheer their friends on. That Greek fellow died when he finished the first marathon, so I guess they figure they should be here in case they need to say goodbye.

Obligatory handlebar-vantage shot.

Congress avenue was blocked off. This was nice!

View of the finish from across Town Lake.

That's it.