Over Lorin's spring break we took a quick trip to Galveston.

Houston is the world's capital of putting giant inflated characters on the roof of your store to draw attention to it. After driving by a large number of them, we decided to start snapping pictures of them. Here a dinosaur is being used to get us to buy things from the cricket store.

In this one, a giant sitting dog is used to sell used cars.

Here a giant orange (orange?!) gorrila sells Nissan trucks.

Uncle Sam selling Nissan cars a little further down the road. I have no idea what he is pointing at. He looks like he is saying, "Drop and give me twenty push-ups!"

It's hard to see, but here is a giant, fat, jolly cowboy selling Chevrolet vehicles. Notice that he is the only one that doesn't seem dangerous. The rest were predators, or angry looking. Weird.

Here is Lorin's aunt and uncle's furniture store. They are ridiculously kind and generous to us, and in a later update, you'll see the buffet they sold us. If you're ever in Houston and need to buy furniture, it is a really good idea to make the drive to the store and see what they have. You won't be disappointed.

We made it to Galveston, and got stuck at a light next to this guy, who was singing at the top of his lungs. He didnt' care who knew apparently, so I took his picture and I'm telling you all about it. He is obviously a pretty shamelsss guy to begin with, since he is riding in a PT cruiser emblazoned with Bud Light logos. Yeesh!

We arrived and hung out. The next day we went to the beach for a walk.


Beach rental sign.

There were lots of jellyfish and what looked like Portuguese Man O' Wars washing up.

Here the Nashes walk and talk.

Some pelicans.

After that, we went over to Lorin's mom's house to see how she, Garrett, and the kitties were doing. This is New Kitty. (Her real name.) She is really cute, and she knows it.

Lorin's mom telling her about the plants they are putting in while Chester approaches.

Chester posing while Garrett plants monkey grass in the background.

Chester is pretty photogenic too.

Lorin and Chester relax together, completely unaware that...

Porky is sneaking up on them!

Then is was time for a little kitty wrasslin'.

Chester won.

That's it, thanks.