In September '04 we took a trip to Hawaii. Three nights on Oahu, five on Maui. Here are some photos.

View from out hotel room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. A pretty neat place to stay in Waikiki.

Sunrise. See the dots in the water? Surfers.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is FUN!

There are a lot of rainbows in Hawaii. At the beginning of the trip, we were all excited to see them. By the end, we were sort of, "Eh" about them. They had to be really good for us to take their picture.

Pretty neat. Hawaii must be *full* of leprechauns.

Evening view from the room. People are still out there surfing.

Sunset. There are quite a few sunset photos.

Foreground, some cute girl I saw. Background, Diamondhead Crater.

The church of Burger King?

This was on our breakfast table. I wonder what the rest of the week is for? Vegetarians? Chicken lovers? Veal enthusiasts? Weird.

This was also on our table. Read the description of the hot fudge ice cream cake. "Something red on top?!" We laughed our heads off imagining how fun it would be if we were cooks there. We could put severed fingers, red peppers, fire trucks - all sorts of red things - on top.

No, you are not smoking Maui Wowee, that is a stingray swimming by the street. This store on Waikiki had a big aquarium with a stairwell that went up inside it. Pretty neat.

More fish.

Folks down in the store.

These things were everywhere. You lie down in this, and jets of water squirt your body and give you a massage while fully clothed.

A little blurry, but you can sort of make it out.

Sheraton Moana Surfrider. A neat old-timey hotel.

Ok, now we're on Maui. Most every morning, we got to see this. This is from our lanai.

Our room was that one at the upper left.

Here is a little model of the resort. See those three buildings at the bottom? We were in the right-most building, top floor. Pretty amazing room, we felt very lucky to be staying in it.

Whenever we walked out of the elevator in our building, we saw this.

This was our living room. Just kidding. This is just some open space up on the top floor. The views were good from here.

Welcome to Resort-ville, population, you.

Another shot from up there.

Looking back toward the pool. The grounds were pretty nice.

Naturally there was a pool. It was huge, and snaked around to two different bars, which was nice.

See that rock jutting out there? They call that the Black Rock. You can see it in several photos from our room. It's got torches on it, and every night they have a torch lighting ceremony, and a dude dives off the cliff. The water around the rock had lots of coral on it, and fantastic snorkeling. There were always sea turtles, and we also saw stingrays, and all sorts of fish.

Flowers are everywhere in Hawaii.

View from our balcony. People swimming with the rays.

Zoomed in view.

We drove up Haleakala. It was a bit cloudy...

Visibility kind of sucked. That girl from the beach was up here too...

The Iao Needle. Lorin says, "Ehhh."


Plenty of sunset photos coming...

See the dude down there lighting the torch?

[Insert lei joke here.]

More view from lanai.

People swimming with a turtle.

Zoomed in.

Another day, another sunset.

So the dudes in the outrigger are zipping past the guy in the kayak. He is looking back at them...about to plow into the snorkeler.

Moon getting ready to set. This went on for several nights, and was gorgeous each time.

Kite surfers at Ho'okipa Beach. These were the world championships. If you haven't seen this before, it's wild. These folks are out whizzing across the water at about 30mph. You can see the large arced kite they're hooked up to. They jump in the air, easily 30 feet over the surface of the water, and (mostly) do graceful landings.

This guy is doing a flip. It's sort of hard to tell. Watching this really made me wish I had a better camera.

Zoomed in.

They were everywhere.

Next we drove to Hana. Along the way is a little botanical garden.

The bark of these trees is neat.

The girl from Oahu showed up here at a black sand beach on Maui.

Well, part black sand, part black rock.

Take a look at this sign. Anything seem weird to you?

Does this mean they take the planes up, then point the nose down, and drive them underground? Any pilots out there that can clear this up for me? Joshua?

Back at the hotel - another turtle comes up for air.

Maybe it was the same one. They all look alike to me.

Tired of sunsets yet?

How about rainbows?

Neat outdoor shower we got to use. Crappy photo, sorry.

Japanese garden.

That's it.