Some pics from Halloween 2004.

Homey resting up for the big night. He's only *half* a black cat, but he gets into it.

Mmmmm, witch's brew!

We had a guest for breakfast...

He is reading the business section. If you think the living enjoy the miracle of compounding interest, you ought to hear the dead rave about it.

Here he is all hung up outside. He is a little effeminate. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Time for a pumpkin lobotomy.

Brains! More brains!

Lorin goes to work...

While my mom prepares the pumpkin seeds for roasting.

A little rhinoplasty.

Knives are FUN!

Just look at how far back she pulls her arm...

Then plunges it in. I figure I'm safe as long as my life insurance policy is that crappy one you get for free at work...

He's done!

So are the seeds.

Sensing the the knives have been put away, they're ready to come back inside.

Here's Lucy Segerstrom. When we told her mom that we had beers and chocolate martinis for the grown-up trick or treaters, they came in and visited for a while.

Lucy was a ladybug. (her wings were outside.)

Here Evan and Kirby get acquainted. They seemed to really like each other.