This year for Halloween (note the orange text...) we went to a party, and we had a couple friends over for trick-or-treating. A couple of quick photos.

Padraic went as a Roman centurion.

I went as one of those idiot weathermen who goes to the beach when the hurricane is about to hit.

Lorin went as "80's Girl" complete with rum. These are actual clothes that she wore in the 80's...

As usual, Eric and Suzie had their house perfectly prepared.

Kelly came as himself.

Carlton and Martica endured a lot of "nice udder" jokes.

Jon came as a combination water skier/pyromaniac. (translation: he came as himself.)

There was a ouija board. Trevor was scared...

Padraic and Kelly started singing Irish drinking songs.

And Anita, having had enough, forced him to hitchhike home. Dressed like this of course caused him to stop traffic.

That was the Saturday before Halloween. Next, the photos from Halloween.

We made candied apples. They were really hard and tough to eat.

We also made caramel apples. These tasted better, but looked like they had boils all over them.

The Segerstrom Entourage arrived. This has become a tradition now, they bring Lucy trick-or-treating, and then the kids pet the cats and we have drinks.

Here Evan (right) and Lucy (left) are clearly in a sugar-induced haze.

That's it.