Lorin turned 30. We had a surprise party for her. This is what happened.

A lot of these photos are of Doran and Padraic. I don't know who took most of them, whether it was John or Patricia.

We went to dinner around 6:30. People showed up between 7 and 8pm. We got there around 8:30. Here is Padraic in the hall. He's got that mischievous look on his face. I don't know if it comes off...

Here are people packed into the kitchen. Little did Lorin know, that as we ate our nice dinner, these people were stringing up crepe paper and inflating balloons in her kitchen.

Doran (backed by Patricia) was careful to stay near what he thought was a big chocolate cake. This is the decoy cake that I gave Lorin earlier in the day so she wouldn't suspect anything.

At times he had to be restrained.

Woo! Party!

Anita and Randall agreeing that Republicans are such good souls.

Laith caught in the glare of the spotlight.

People digging into the food. We were a little late.

But we finally made it.

It worked.

It really worked. Here Lorin realizes that her Dad is here.

Lorin's stepmom, Kathy, in the foreground.

Here Elyssa tells Lorin, "My Mom thinks this cup has Sprite in it! Margaritas are GOOD!" as her Dad's drink goes down the wrong pipe. Kids are fun!

Jenna trying to decide if she wants a party like this or not.

Ted and Kaye (right) talk to Randall and Christine (left.) Ted scowls, because he smells a liberal. :-)

*Now* can we have some cake?

Ok, here is the *real* cake. Check out the candles - I found these candles that are connected at the wick by flash paper of some sort. You light one end, and FOOM the whole strip lights.

Elyssa is a little startled by their effectiveness.

Check that out!

Presto! They're all perfectly lit!

Here we are all singing.

Thirty candles are a lot to extinguish.

Get those candles out of there, we want cake!

Notice how all three kids are spellbound.

Could this take any longer?!

Here I have a brief word with Homey. He was a little cautious with all the people we had in there.

Ok, he is full of cake, now he wants to watch a movie with Dad.

While Padraic jams on the guitar.

Some people say he is a bit of a ham for the camera...

But I don't think so.

That's it.