Lorin and I got to drive a bulldozer and knock down trees. Not a lot of commentary this time just good clean fun!

Truck is loaded with Lorin's mountain bike.

View from the house.

In the Jeep headed to the dozer. Sam's driving, Lorin is navigating. See how the dirt is messed up ahead? That's where my wuss 2WD pick-up got stuck, and we had to go back for the Jeep.

We waited while some bulls butted heads to decide who got to...

Mate with that cow. Ahhh, it's springtime and love is in the air!

I was like a little kid. Bulldozers are a lot of fun!

Here I plunge in to uproot a cedar tree.

Lorin gets trained by Sam.

And heads off in search of a tree to knock down.

Lined up...

...and knocked down.

Look at that smile! Lorin rocks.

That's it.