We had a nice day yesterday, so I went for a short motorcycle ride. I headed out to Fredericksburg.

Mmmm, 83 degrees. In December.

Some of the tree still have green leaves.

There was not a lot of traffic. I went during the UT-Colorado game, and I guess everyone was watching it.

I went the "back way" to Fredericksburg, which involves a lot of county and ranch roads, and a lot of cattle guards. These are barriers put in place to keep cows from crossing, but they still allow cars to zip right on by without having to stop and open and close a gate. Notice on the left past the cattle guard there is no fence, just pasture. When riding in these areas you need to be careful to avoid farm animals.


We've ridden this way with our bicycles, and let me tell you, it's scary riding over these on little 1/2" wide tires.

It's also deep. It was over a foot to the bottom.

I came across these ol' boys chilling. They had cows and calves with them. This was as close as I thought I would get to watching any longhorns.

I like the one to the lower right. He was pretty big, and seemed relaxed.

Time to move along.

But then I stopped again. I saw these tire tracks leading off the road. Something had happened here, and I had to find out what. It was.... CSS - Crime Scene: Sandy!

Ok, so it was "Crime Scene on the Way to Sandy," but "CSOTWTS" didn't sound as good. Besides, Sandy is just an intersection of two ranch roads, most people won't know the difference. ;-)

There was some debris over on the side of the road! It looked like a body!

A clue! Someone with a HUGE under bite was killed here!

I found the rest of the skull! It looks like the person had a HUGE schnoz!

I began reassembling the bones...

And through the use of sophisticated computer graphics programs during a commercial break in which you were encouraged to buy products that you don't really need, this image of how the person must have looked before they were brutally run over was developed.

Here is the rest of him, the poor bastard. I think he was hit during winter - it looks like he was wearing a fur coat.

All that investigating made me hungry, so I went to Fredericksburg (Motto: More canned jams and knickknack shit than you can shake a stick at.") for some lunch.

I went to the brewpub.

I love that guy's shirt.

C02 bubbling up out of the fermentation tanks.

But no beer for me. Motorcycling is dangerous enough without beer.

Rest of the dining room. Can you spot the Harley riders?

Here, let me help you.

They were playing, "Spot the BMW rider." I was easy to see because I was wearing my big bright textile jacket with all the poofy padding in it. (Oh, and I had a helmet too.)

I was thinking of just getting an appetizer...

But then opted for the chicken fried steak. It was ok. They were a little skimpy on the gravy, and the coleslaw was not fresh.

I also had just a smidge of peach cobbler. Fredericksburg is famous for its peaches. This came topped with Blue Bell ice cream, and was scrumptilicious!

Then I headed home for Austin. That's it, thanks for looking.