Some miscellaneous shots. I took a motorcycle ride, I went to San Antonio again, went to Hunstsville, Al, and we made some more sushi. Nothing too exciting.

Downtown Huntsville is kind of neat. They have tons of churches. Actually, this is a synagogue.

Hunstville also has a lot of power lines and small streets that make it hard to get a decent photo.


Topic change. I rode down to Galveston for the weekend. The goal was to avoid I-10. I got a route recommendation from a friend. He mentioned that there was a dirt road, just a few miles long. I stopped to get a shot of it.

And a shot of me. Wasn't sure if I was going to end up dumping it, so I thought I'd get one last one with me all clean.

I made it without significant incident. I need to learn to ride on those kinds of roads though, so they aren't so scary in the future. That or I need a different motorcycle, so if it falls over and slides on gravel, I don't really mind. This shot was at a lake used to cool a power plant between Austin and Houston. There were a number of bassholes - guys roaring around on bass boats at high speed - but otherwise it was very peaceful.

An old (but still used) school in a small Texas town. Check out how they have their various trophies there in that upper window. This was a great building, and gave me flashbacks to the schools I went to. There is something about an old classroon in an old building that is reassuring. Maybe that's easy to say now that I'm not forced to sit there like a good little pupil...

It rained. This was on the way home. I would've loved to take more photos, but soon the rain started coming UNDER the bridge, so I put the camera away. At first I felt like a wuss rider, taking refuge under the bridge. Then all the cars pulled over, it rained sideways under the bridge, and stuff started flying across the road. Ahhh, love those Texas showers. My legs got wet (improper lower body rain gear) but I was ok riding home because after it let up a bit, I took off and ten miles later, it was sunny and hot as ever.

View of the moonrise from my hotel room. This picture does it no justice. I need a little tripod for the thing.

I gave up trying to hold the camera still, and instead decided to try to move it in an orderly way. The result was this. Pretty neat looking.

Neat building with the Texas State Bird in the foreground.

Hilton Palacio del Rio. It's a good hotel with good staff. I recommend it. The location is great too.

We had friends over for sushi, and so we stocked up on sake. Say "stock up on sake for sushi" five times fast.

Japanese wafer cookie. These were great, but I wish the company hadn't used the el cheapo marketing/translation firm to choose the name....

The silver even got polished! Look, there is a monkey trapped inside the sugar bowl!

This thing hangs in our kitchen window. When the sun comes through in the morning, it shoots little rainbows all over the kitchen. I forget about it, and then I'll walk to the pantry, and I'll see one on the wall, and I'll think, "Neat, a rainbow." This is how I get excitement nowadays...

Zoomed in shot of the plate Dan got us. I think he got in Belgium. Brugge?

Our bountiful harvest. Look at that, six cherry tomatoes. And we only spent $100 on pots, plants, soil, fertilizer, and water. What a deal! I'm starting to understand farm subsidies...