My mom came to Texas to visit Galveston and meet Lorin's family. We had a blast.

We hit the road.

And drove from Austin to Galveston. This picture is a little off kilter because we were in traffic.

Here we are in Houston. I loathe driving through this city.

Lorin chills in the back seat.

The tourist, hard at work.

For the first time ever, and we've driven this route a zillion times, we figured out how to get into the friggn' HOV lane. I'll be you are wondering how that made Lorin feel.

Happy, that's how.

Our room was right on the beach.

The moon came up.

Mom walked on the beach.

And worked on her tan.

That's about it, thanks for reading.

P.S. We had several great meals with Lorin's family, but we didn't take pictures of any of that.