The last couple of days have been nice, so we did a little riding, ate a little barbecue, and went back to Oatmeal.

Here we are parked outside the Nimitz Museum. The goal was to visit this, but we never made it. Some other time.

This fat little shit was throwing a temper tantrum that could be heard blocks away. Now he is forever immortalized on my website. His head was huge, and he was literally screaming like a stuck pig. In fact, if I ever am around a pig that gets stuck, I'll say, "Dang, that sounds just like that fat little kid in Frederiscksburg."

We got some lunch here.

And just hung out for a while. It was a lazy kind of day. Then we rode back to Austin.

Today (President's Day, which is a holiday at my company) it was also very nice out. I sat looking out my window.

and I thought, "What the hell am I doing at work?" I decided to ride out into the Hill Country for lunch. I called John and he finished up what he was doing, and we headed out around 1:30. This is why they don't give employees windows - they see how nice it is and leave, especially on their days off.

Here's John as we leave town.

Here's me.

Off we go!

We saw some buffalo. These were not the roaming kind.

Soon we were at Opie's in Spicewood. Opie's is old school, and has really good BBQ.

See the big smokers? This is old school street cred. If you see these, stop and eat at the place.

Note the wheelbarrow full of wood and the million year old blower to keep the embers going. Here the employee loads up John's tray for him. The meat is in the huge smoker, and you choose which bits you want.

Clockwise from top left: Chicken, Sausage, Ribs, Brisket, and Riyubs.

The guydips the meat in sauce, tosses it on a tray for you, and then you go inside where they weigh it, and you choose your sides.

Fancy, huh?

Then you set it all up on a nice sheet of butcher paper, which is your plate.

Here is John with his.

Of course no old-ass BBQ place is complete without some items of questionable origin in them, like this old street light.

Next we were back in Oatmeal.

That's it, we headed home.