I got a new camera for Christmas, a Nikon D50. I'm pretty excited to have it. I'm still learning to use it, but I took a few photos as soon as the battery was charged. (Ok, I took a shitload of photos, but I'm only subjecting you to these...)

A number of these are of the cats. Here's Kirby coming to see if the camera could possibly be tuna fish.

If you have cats, you're used to this sort of thing. They want the chairs the humans are in.

Here Kirby is thinking, "Aww yeah, I won."

Homey coming to see the camera. Notice that I got his butt in focus, but not his head.

Kirby in his box. He loves to squeeze into tiny little boxes. I put this one down as a challenge to him, and I figured he would never fit into it. So much for that, he folded up and went to sleep.

This camera has fancy lenses, so I can have a narrower depth of focus than I did with my old point and shoot camera. So here the candle is in focus...

And here... I guess the dishwasher is in focus. I'm still leanring. I should have used the flash for this photo - notice it's all yellow due to the incandescent light. I think I can fix that with some post processing, but I'm still learning about that too.

Neat night shot looking down our street.

That's it, thanks for looking.