Tiki torches. People Having a few beers. Seems innocent enough.


Until we break out the sparklers!

And Marc begin channeling the spirit of his ancient polynesian ancestor, Mali.




Eric and Suzy get in on the act as Marc traces the symbol for infinity, in honor of his wife Wanda's patience with him.



Marc now demonstrates the wheel of Dharma. Eric looks off thinking, "I've lived here for five years and these are the best friends I was able to make. Crap."


Ok, even Eric admits that this one is cool.



Marc sitting in a boat? Marc with a big sparky dong? Marc with a sparkler. A Marcler.


What's better than one circle? Easy, TWO circles!


Or a circle with a dot in it?


Note that the crowd has backed off to avoid the projectile sparks.


A "W?" Dude, that had better be for Wanda!




Roman candles! Hooray for Roman candles!


The elusive double!


Fizzing out.


This one came out great.


The life of the party.


Someone had a little too much watermelon.


Is our house childproof? Yeah, that's why we keep a freakin' bag of KNITTING NEEDLES right there by the electrical sockets and auto-strangulation blind cords.