John and I rode to Ohio/Pennsylvania recently to meet up with the Rounders. I took very few, and no good, photos. But here they are.

We started out early Wednesday morning, and were so hungry, that we ate our breakfast before we could snap a photo of it. John had biscuits and gravy...

I had eggs.

These guys were hanging out in the place we ate. I forget where it was. Some roadside place. It had an interesting restroom door...

Apparently this place has a problem with guys using the ladies' room. So it says, in magic marker, "This door does not say men."

Errr, actually it does, now that you've written it!

Here we are in the Arkansas welcome station. John is saying, "Good gravy, we rode all day and we JUST got out of Texas?! And we're trying to get to Memphis tonight?"


We took small roads through Texas, at John's recommendation, and it was fantastic. I-30 to Little Rock, then I-40 through Memphis.

The next day we rode through the rest of Tennessee and Kentucky. We didn't go all the way to Charleston like planned, but instead got on Ohio Rt 7 at Huntington, WV. Then we rode up the Ohio River valley. Another recommendation from John, and it was perfect. If you ever need a guy to pick good motorcycle routes, ask him.

Day two breakfast. Someplace in TN, I forget where.

They served their hashbrowns "loaded." SO we had to get some, and they were fantastic.

Riding through Kentucky I realized that I wanted to stop at some of the bourbon distilleries there. We came through too late for them though. So we stopped in Versailles (pronounced, and I am not making this up, "vir-sails." It was nice, but it was one of those small towns where all the high school kids drive cars with loud mufflers, which is kind of annoying.

Further up the road, in some other town, we came across some folks doing some civil war history activities. This was a treat for me. As some of you know, I grew up in the north, and was accustomed to being on the winning side of the "War of Northern Aggression." Living as I do in Texas, I seem to spend most of my time around a bunch of sore losers. Mind you, it's not as bad as living in Alabama.

This was taking place in some picture perfect little town on the Ohio river.

Every tree we saw in Kentucky and Ohio was in bloom.

Ah, that sweet Union blue!

This is the town we were in.

They did an artillery demonstration. They waited till a boat from Mississippi went by...

Then they sank it. The blast scared the shit out of me.

We saw lots of power plants, all on the WV side of the river.

Later, at a gas stop, I saw my first live bait vending machine.

I love the graphics.


We made it to Boardman...

For those that have never spent the night with John, here is how he sleeps, all night long. When he dies, and we all go view him in the casket, NONE of us will say, "Oh that doesn't look like the John we know." We'll all say, "That's him!"

Bikes at the round up.

Loraze's Uly.

Saturday we rode down to Pittsburgh to have lunch with my grandma and dad.

We rode the incline.

Back in Boardman, John gave the Uly a try.


Here is Derek helping Joe load all his junk onto his bike. :-D

Headed home, we ate in one of those old timey railroad car diners. It was good, and yes, the waitress called us, "hon." (They have to, by law.)

The next morning, we had breakfast at Loretta Lynn's Kountry Kitchen or some such. It was weird.

Loretta showing us that she is as deep and thoughful as Nietzsche

That's it. We hauled ass home, so there were no other photos.