I went back to San Antonio and took a few more pictures...

San Antonio has a really cool post office.

More post office.

This building is right next to it. I have no clue what it is, but it has really nice stone work near the top.


Why don't we make buildings like this more often?

I'm not *exactly* sure what this is, but i think it is a monument to all the people that have had to wait out in the hot sun for public transportation.

Or maybe it's a monument to the folks who died at the Alamo.

Here it is.

Here's a letter I'll be happy to never have to write... (How did the mailman get through, by the way...)

Here is the view from the Alamo. No one ever takes this picture. This is what the alamo sees all day long. Overweight Americans walking around pointing a camera at you all day long...

Here is a pair of red lights that stopped me. Just kidding, look below them, there is a rainbow. I took a number of pictures of this while driving. (and talking on the phone, and sipping starbucks coffee, shaving, and reading the paper...)

So some of them came out like this...a nicely composed, albeit out of focus shot of cross-crossed power lines and a cell phone tower. There's a smidge of rainbow down by the tower.

And some came out like this - a pretty rainbow being the most attractive thing in the picture, unless you count popeye's chicken and the castle dental center...

Clearly a storm was brewing...

Yeesh, doesn't look good! I was headed (on foot) to a steak house I wanted to try. I was worried that I only had a few minutes to get there before the rain really started.

Then I saw this dead bat on the ground at the Hilton, so I paused to photograph it. That's all the time it took, KABLAM there was some thunder, then the rain came down. I bolted to the Hilton and took shelter under the area where the valet dudes take/give you your car.

It was really coming down. I was *very* close to the steak house....

There is it. 30 feet away. I considered running over to it, but decided instead to just call them to see if they had a table. So I whipped out the phone and called. They were booked solid. Great, now I'm stuck at the Hilton. Fortunately, these summer showers don't last long. 20 minutes later and it was sunshine and dripping trees. I headed down to the Riverwalk to find another place to eat. I settled on Zuni.

I got a great table.

Appetizer. Shrimp stuffed with some cheese and red peppers. Sucked - the breading was way too thick and the taste was that of chicken fingers. I think they've only got one fryer. I'd recommend that they use a little less breading and then pan fry them in light olive oil.

Entree. Pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potato, cauliflower, all under some special sauce. This tasted delicious, but seemed clumsily cooked. The pork was sliced a little thick I thought, but it tasted good, and I enjoyed eating it. I'd get it again, although I'd want it rare-er.

Rainstorm over, the boat rides resume.

The evening was capped off by an amazing sunset. This was so cool, it lasted only about four minutes, then bam it turned bluish-grey. That's it.