All right! So we decided to have sushi rolls a second night in a row. This time we upgraded our equipment, as you will soon see. As an added bonus, I managed to get a few photos of the mango sticky rice.

The familiar signs of prep work - knives, veggies, and beer.

The sushi rice is done.

Everything is cut. Clockwise from top left - cucumbers, scallions, avacado, imitation crab meat, salmon. After it's cut, I get out of the way. You see, I am merely an apprentice. I summon the master by banging a gong. (OK, I hit a 10-inch fry skillet with a wooden spoon...)


Here is a roll ready to be assembled.

The rolling begins. While the master tries to concentrate, I take photos and dance around the kitchen singing, "Roll...Out...The sushi!" to the tune of "Roll out the barrels."

The master dips her fingers in water to wet the edge of the noori. It's the same concept as rolling your own, errr, cigarrettes.

See how easy it is?

Part of our upgraded equipment was a sake set. So we just *had* to get more sake.

Sake set. (Not the cup stolen from a dorm dining hall, the light blue stuff!) The little cup is set on top of the vessel to keep the sake inside warm.

Here is is, ready to be devoured. We ate it in the time that it took you to read this. Let's move on to dessert...

One unsuspecting mango...

One small pot of coconut milk heating up...

And one kettle with sticky rice steaming in it.

Lorin grew up in a rough part of Galveston. Consequently, she is good with knives.

After mixing most of the coconut milk with the rice, top it with mango, and pour a little more coconut milk on top. I don't know how Gilligan stayed so skinny, that stuff makes heavy whipping cream look like skim milk.

A close-up. Mmmmmmm.

I took a picture... It'll last longer.

That's it, thanks for looking. I'll leave you with one final photo...

Of a deranged cat demanding more smoked salmon.