We had some business up in Canada and it resulted in having an afternoon or so to kill in Toronto.

First, you can sit with me while I wait for all the other folks to board the plane.

Next you can admire the wierd psychadelic thingy in the Denver airport. I think they are trying to compete with the weird tunnel in O'Hare. (Newark has one too.)

A little out of focus, but look what Air Canada has in the back of the seat... a 110V plug! Duh! Other airlines - take note!

This is just neat - look at the shadow of the plane in the corona or whatever that it formed by the cloud. Too cool.

Eaton Centre sure has changed since I was last here. (1993?)

A little obnoxious, but it feels kinda big city, no?

See the red awning? I used to come to Toronto when I was in high school and college. (My friend Dave used to take us on trips there in high school, and it was the coolest thing.) Well we used to stay right down the street from this place, and we ate here every morning. They had the BEST almond croissant I've ever had in my life. We'd eat two or three for breakfast, then have another later in the day as a snack. They were just incredible. When I found out I was going to be in Toronto, I immediately began salivating and thinking of how I would con my traveling partner into eating at this place for every meal. When I got to the city, I dropped my bag in my hotel room and then turned on my heel and walked right back out again to go get a croissant. I'm not kidding.

It doesn't look very well-lit, does it? THAT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!

I was devastated. I dropped to my knees like Charleton Heston in "Planet of the Apes," looked skyward, and screamed, "NOOOOOOOOO!" Pedestrians gave me a wide berth, and a few even tossed me some spare change, but it didn't help me feel any better.

Toronto has changed. Across the street is the bank I used to go to to exchange money. But when I looked closer...

It had become a bar! I veiwed this as a change for the good.

Sorrows be drowned!

This was the view out my window. The weather was nice. I spent the day working in my hotel room.

The WWI memorial and the old Toronto City Hall.

We resisted this compelling advertisement.

We visited the cheese-mongers.

And saw this HUGE pile of what i think are pig leg bones. I guess you make soup from these? It's weird seeing them all piled up like this.

We had dinner up in the CN tower.

The view rocks. That tallest building there is 90 some stories.

You can see the old City Hall in the background. The new one is off to the left of this fountain. If my memory is correct, they freeze this and rent out ice skates to people in the winter.

New City Hall.

Some amazing chalk art on the sidewalk. There were several of these around downtown. Next to each one were very funny lists and musings...

This had me (and the other folks standing around reading it) laughing out loud.

That's it, thanks.