This winter we had an ice storm. It shut the city down for a few days. Of course the local news covered it like we were being attacked by the Russians or something, while most of us stayed indoors and enjoyed "telecommuting."

You can see the snowflakes falling. It only snowed for a few minutes, so I was frantic to get these pictures. The rest of it came down as sleet or freezing rain.

I decided to try to make ice cubes from scratch. This is how they were made hundreds of years ago - you'd have to set the tray outside during the winter and wait for it to fill up.

This is what I had after about 21 hours later. Hardly anything! This gave me a newfound appreciation for how hard life used to be for humans.

My office had some sweet icicles on it.

These were some of our plants that we tried to save.


My grill iced over...

But I got hungry and warmed it up. It was cool to watch the ice melt off it.

That's it, thanks.