Work took me to Bologna, so I will attmept to take you too...

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Bologna is like other nice cities in Europe, it has large squares where people gather, and old churches. I think what struck me the most about Bologna was all the porticos - the sidewalks are all very wide, and covered. The openings to the streets are often arched, which is nice.

Here's an example. So you can go out in the hot sun, or the cold rain, and be covered. It's pretty nice.

Bologna also has lots of pedestrian areas like this, with wonderful food being sold.

Another shot of a portico.

Another. To the right you can see a lady pushing a stroller in the "street." I actually drove in this part of town, in a big mercedes, which was pretty wild.

This was the view from my hotel room. At first I was taking pictures out the bathroom window.

Then I realized that I had a big balcony that I could get on by walking through some sliding glass doors.

They hid them behind those big curtains! Sneaky.

These are the "two towers" of Bologna.

Here is how they look from the street. And yes, that one is leaning like crazy.

Appetizer - cheese tortellini with walnuts and truffle oil and Ii don't know what else. Amazing.

A little coffee for after dinner.

Some Roman ruins I passed on the way to the train station. Off to Milan...

Thanks for looking.